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Cakes and candles: The 2017 version

24 January 2017
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Here we go again, time to get excited about turning yet another year older. I’ll be honest: my favourite part about birthdays is cake (chocolate) and presents (many), not necessarily in that order. But because I don’t want to appear shallow, it helps to also make it about reflecting on the year gone by and think about what to expect in the next 365 days.

Here’s what I’d hoped to fill 2016 with:

  1. Implement the new design for Writeside.net. (It got a bit complicated. Long story.)
  2. Finish writing a book. (DONE, DONE and DONE! Yep, got two coming out this year, one an MG novel and the other a collaborative effort with another author. The US edition of Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean is also out this year.)
  3. Stay healthier than I managed in 2015. (Oops, that one might have come undone a bit.)
  4. Travel somewhere fun. (Done. Spent two weeks in the UK)
  5. Work on the workshops.(Done! Devika Rangachari and I started Royal Blue. We did three independent workshops, and have just wrapped up a 15-session creative writing programme in Amity International School, Saket, New Delhi.)
  6. Play more games. (Done! Would have been nice to get a bit more time for gaming, but shouldn’t complain.)

So, all in all, not as bad as it could have been.

But it’s that day again, so time for a brand new list, with new resolutions and aims. Here goes:

  1. Write (and/or finish) a fantasy novel: At the moment I don’t care if it’s one of my unfinished projects or series, or a new standalone novel. I just want to get back into fantasy.
  2. Start running again: Okay, I know realistically there isn’t a chance in hell of this happening if I continue to live in Delhi and if my knees don’t magically regenerate, so let’s downgrade this to “get fit enough so I can theoretically start running again”.
  3. Redo Writeside.net: Not just a new design, but maybe rethink what I’m doing with the site.
  4. Blog regularly: Plan in place.
  5. Keep playing games: My huge gaming backlog is getting huger as I keep buying games but not playing quite so much. But I’m going to do my best.
  6. Try self-publishing: Stay tuned for more on this.
  7. Travel somewhere interesting: As usual.

That’s all folks. Let’s see where we are 365 days from now.



A refreshed WP 3.2

5 July 2011
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WordPress 3.2Now you can compose your WordPress posts and pages on a blank screen without the distractions of a menu, buttons and so on. The fullscreen writing mode (or zen mode) is one of the new features of the recently released WordPress 3.2. Simply click on the Fullscreen button and watch as everything fades away, leaving you to just write. If you move your mouse towards the top of the window, basic interface elements to add/edit a link and image, save your post/page or exit fullscreen mode appear. You also get a word count at the bottom.

Other features of the new and improved WP include a redesigned Dashboard and admin bar, and plenty of under-the-hood tweaks that make WP lighter and faster on its feet.

Unless you’re using a really old version of WP, the upgrade should be available through your Dashboard. Just click on ‘Upgrade now’, sit back and let WP sort it out for you. To do it the hard way, you can download it from WordPress.org.

Writeside.net has already refreshed itself with WP 3.2. Have you?



Reboot successful!

25 March 2011
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Hallelujah! Finally managed to redesign Writeside.net. It was many years coming, thus the theme is named “Belated”. It’s based on an old design of mine. (To be honest, the theme was looking much better while I was designing it; it’s lost its charm after all the hard work and sleepless nights.)

Extensive changes have taken place, and there might be more to come. The most significant is that the entire site now runs on WordPress. I’m still unsure if I will keep the different navigations in the “static” part of the site and the blog. So far I’m agreeing with Niklas that it doesn’t make much sense to have most of the links disappearing when you go into the blog. (UPDATE: The main nav is now constant across the site.)

The erstwhile Books section has also been integrated into WordPress. I’m still in the process of entering the reviews.


Link sharers, if you happen to read, this, please note:

If you’re linking only my blog, please change writeside.net/blog to writeside.net/writers-log

The old URL will now return a 404 error. I will be getting in touch with all of you individually sooner or later. 🙂

Too sleepy to be making much more sense. Suggestions and feedback will be most helpful.


  1. Gravatars are now working.
  2. If a post has no comments, you now see “Be the first to comment” instead of the unwelcoming “No comments” (thanks, Niklas).
  3. Nested comments have been enabled.

I just realized, the blog will be FULL of broken links. 🙁 I don’t know how to fix that except take them up as they come along. Hopefully people getting a 404 will use the form on that page to get back to me.

Update v.2

Now we have different headers for different pages/sections of the site. 🙂

Update v.3

CAPTCHA for the comments form. Phew. The spam was driving me nuts!



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